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There are many aspects to being properly prepared for winter. The most important, which I’m not going to get into here, is mental – a positive attitude makes a huge difference but I’ll leave that for another post. What I do want to tackle here is being well equipped for outdoor activity. If you aren’t properly equipped then your options will be limited as a result. No winter activity is going to be pleasant if you’re cold and/or wet.

Hiking boots compared to winter

New boots, several pairs of socks, a pair of light gloves and a wool cap came in a MEC box yesterday. My current hiking boots, I’m sad to say, have not been waterproof for many months and my previous winter boots also leak so I decided to blow a wad of money on a new pair. I am somewhat brand loyal but have no hesitation switching if a product lets me down. My sandals, cycling shoes and hiking boots are all made by Keen but because I’m not fully satisfied with the hikers I jumped ship and ordered a product from Salomon. I have no previous experience with any of their products but was impressed as soon as I opened the box. You can see from the photo that these boots are significantly larger than the hikers yet, when holding one of each, the weight difference is negligible. I ordered a half size larger than normal to allow for extra sock room but it turns out these run a little small and actually don’t have any room to spare. (more…)

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