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Wind Chill

The wind, as we all know, makes cold temperatures seem colder. I love being out on clear cold WINDLESS nights because the crisp air and silence make a wonderful combination. Wind just seems to spoil this. Wind is noisy, and wind can quickly suck the heat out of the most fully prepared person. When dressing you cannot ignore the presence or potential of wind to make you feel cold. The following links will help understand the relationship of wind strength to perceived cold. (more…)

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New Harbour

It always seems odd to transport my bike using the car, however it is necessary when I want to cycle in new locations when time does not permit a long ride. Yesterday afternoon I decided I would go to Larry’s River. I did not decide beforehand¬†where I would go from there.¬†I parked the car at the post office in Larry’s River. The large lot at the Community Center would also be suitable. As I detached the bike from the carrier two female joggers went by. (more…)

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