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I have been busy doing some behind the scenes house cleaning, mostly a process called keywording, which will allow easy searching of my photos once completed. I should be in the practice of doing this work each time I put new images on my hard drive but I’m always anxious to get directly to the images. I’d rather get through the processing rather than prolong it. Anyway, I’ve been coming across images that were overlooked and today I decided to take one to see what I could do?

Original shot

Original HDR

You can see the original, directly from the camera, is very low contrast and not very attractive. It is one of six frames required to make the entire image. There are three for each half which are used in the HDR rendering, then the two halves are stitched together for the final image.

The HDR version yielded some detail in the sky which is desirable but you can see below the window on the shingles and grass there is a glow. At the time I didn’t consider the photo worth the effort of trying to resolve the problem. When faced with processing a lot of images and wanting to get a good night’s sleep all the images with flaws are discarded or ignored.

Today I thought I would spend a little time to see if I could salvage this one. (more…)

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