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On Sunday afternoon eldest daughter Hilary dropped in for a visit…

Sunset at Tom's Lake, W. Cook's Cove

“Where can I go for a sunset?” she asked.

Green Barren is nice,” I said, “There’s a little orange marker where you turn left off the main trail.” She missed this turn on a previous visit.

“I don’t have boots.”

After trying to persuade her to use a pair of Carol’s without success I was then enlisted to go somewhere with her. After thinking for a minute I said we could try a spot nearby. I gathered my stuff though I wasn’t especially motivated to go to a place I’ve already photographed to sufficiently satisfy me in this lifetime. (more…)

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Vine and red leaves

The Lundy Fire Tower is situated at one of the finest look-off points in the entire county. I tend to take this for granted. I live closer to it than anyone else. I can walk out my front door and be there in less than half an hour – less than five minutes in/on something with a motor.

Today I walked. It’s a nice workout due to the elevation gain. My house is 360 feet above sea level and the tower is 775. (more…)

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I could not resist the appeal of double digit temperatures yesterday afternoon and set out on my motorcycle. I poked around on back roads while never going very far from home. I mapped my route here.

Middle Manchester

I parked the bike numerous times but the highlight was walking along the shore of Chedabucto Bay. I think the day time high was fifteen degrees and as I walked it felt more like summer than December. The warm air, lapping waves and gentle breeze seemed exceptionally nice. I sat for a little while on a rock just soaking it all in. (more…)

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New Harbour

It always seems odd to transport my bike using the car, however it is necessary when I want to cycle in new locations when time does not permit a long ride. Yesterday afternoon I decided I would go to Larry’s River. I did not decide beforehand where I would go from there. I parked the car at the post office in Larry’s River. The large lot at the Community Center would also be suitable. As I detached the bike from the carrier two female joggers went by. (more…)

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Fox Island Main

When I write about a hike it is always with an attempt to make it coherent and interesting. For someone reading a post coherency is quite important, you won’t understand what I’m trying to say if it’s confusing or unstructured. I have found, however, the truth of hiking (and just being me in general) is that chaos is a far more common reality. When I leave the house I usually only have a vague idea of where I’m going to go, when I park the bike I may go fifty meters and not make a photograph, or I might sit and look at an attractive though non-photogenic scene (hard to describe and boring for all but me while I’m actually there) or I might walk for several kilometers because some distant feature has caught my eye and I’ve become curious. Occasionally I get part way to a spot only to have it begin raining which yields a big flop. Sometimes I am blown away by what I find. Sometimes I’m pleased with an accomplishment such as a long bicycle ride. Mostly I make sense of it after the fact and I leave out the boring, negative, unappealing details. If a hike turns out not to be interesting I don’t mention it at all. (more…)

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Berry Head Lighthouse, Tor Bay

Aside from a few gnarly days the November weather has been exceptionally nice. I hiked to Berry Head lighthouse and enjoyed another clear afternoon. The air remained only a few degrees above freezing but once I got moving I was able to strip down to a thin shirt and vest. Luckily I walked with the sun at my back so I didn’t have to spend any time looking into it. (more…)

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Durrell's Island

Durrell’s Island can only be hiked by walking around the shore. A combination of private property, bog and impenetrable brush dictate your choices to one unless you have a boat. When I hiked nearby in search of the Old Fields I noticed a protuberant hump on the island I’d never noticed before and decided it would be necessary to investigate. (more…)

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