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Marv and the box

It has taken two weeks for my new saddle to make it’s way from Wisconsin to Guysborough. I’ve thought about it off and on during that period but mostly the order was not on my mind. Now that it is here I am quite excited and won’t be wasting time getting it installed on my bike. I may or may not get out for a test ride. Doing so depends on ice. I won’t be going anywhere if conditions are like last night. At 8 pm I checked and the pavement was a solid sheen of black ice from side to side. I could only do a tentative shuffle as I walked and there was no chance I was going to ride my bike.

First impressions: this saddle is larger than I imagined but it is a high quality product, very nice. Of course the true test and verdict will be delivered via my buttocks.

Minimal packaging - nice to see

Side on

Straight on


The large screw is used to adjust the tension of the leather since it is expected to stretch with use.

Cost? $143 delivered. That’s a bargain if it delivers the comfort I’m seeking, a sizable waste if not…we’ll see.


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