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Barn, Port Shoreham

The cliche about Nova Scotia weather which suggests change each time you blink was very nearly true yesterday. I left home under a brilliant blue sky with conditions looking ideal. My plan was to spend a few hours outside though I departed with no destination in mind. I had a vague intention to go somewhere I hadn’t visited recently, to sit still for a little while with a sup of tea. I considered the possibility of returning to Hadleyville to the little eroding headland to sit where the Bay and Strait divide. I had my camp chair and a Thermos of hot water. (more…)

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Port Shoreham - HDR

Port Shoreham - final composite

I am presenting another photo to show the sort of manipulation that is possible but which would largely go unnoticed. Before reading any further see if you can figure out what I’ve done. (more…)

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