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Winter cycling is, for me, still very much an experimental and completely optional pursuit. I am not required to travel from point A to point B out of necessity five days a week. I don’t have to train regularly or grit my way through miserable weather due to some unavoidable obligation. Basically I can do it when and if I chose. The problem is if I only chose the finest and fairest days I could end up going weeks without riding. Part of experimenting is going out in less than ideal conditions. Doing so allows me to learn, first hand, what is and is not a limitation for me. I draw the line at ice. Unless I purchase studded tires there is no sense messing about with poor traction. I also avoid heavy rain though it is possible to remain dry for modest distances with modest energy output. I also avoid strong wind. In winter wind not only makes it hard to hear approaching cars, the chill factor can be very difficult to dress for and/or tolerate. (more…)

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