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Main drag, Marie Joseph

The community of Marie Joseph is an interesting place to photograph. Several large boats are hauled up near the road which you can’t help noticing, there is a crane, a derelict ice breaker and many smaller things. It’s quite a concentration of unique stuff for a 300m stretch of rural road. (more…)

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Old fishing boat, Marie Joseph

In October, last year, I photographed this vessel for the first time. My compositions do not differ significantly though I feel the final results are technically superior. The new images are sharper and I wasn’t quite so heavy handed with the processing. Now that I am warm and dry and content I can say, without too much hesitation, that the effort and time invested in the day was made worthwhile because I have these images to show for it. I’m assuming most people will like these boat shots more than the ice breaker or crane. (more…)

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Beach on Forster Island, Charlos Cove

My first ever visit to Forster Island occurred earlier in the year (map), but at the time I was preoccupied with the tide coming in and didn’t have as much time as I would have liked. My second visit, on a windy overcast day, permitted me plenty of time on the island. In fact, I couldn’t see any difference in the level of the water as I was leaving which meant I easily had more than an hour to spare before the incoming tide would once again submerge the causeway. (more…)

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Old Boat, Goldboro

I didn’t do much hiking in Goldboro. My main source of exertion dealt primarily with getting my motorcycle bogged on a soupy road. The machine weighs 500 lbs, has no reverse gear and does not remain upright on its own. The ruts and overhanging alders made it impossible to get turned. So for a few minutes I leaned against the thing, catching my breath not exactly sure if I should keep going forward. I decided being stuck meant being stuck, if it was worse 50 meters on I would not be much worse off. If I found some hard ground I would be able to get turned and continue on with my day.


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