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Shed, Port Bickerton

I have not had the best of luck with weather during the last, almost year, since beginning this blog. A very wet spring eventually lead into some (too few) decent days through the summer then as fall colors began their annual display a wind storm decimated the canopy. Winter has been mild without much snow. Without snow or ice winter photography is limited and because photography is limited I’m not motivated to explore or go very far from home. Without photos I find myself reluctant to post but because I don’t want too much time to go by without registering some life here I thought I would re-iterate a point I’ve made a few times before: short repetitive outings are essential to remaining active.

The idea of practice applies to nearly everything. When it comes to an active lifestyle it means doing activities that don’t require too much time so they can be easily incorporated into each day. If you want to be good at something then you practice the necessary skills. If you want to truly excel then you practice more and more, each individual will determine their own goals. Sometimes practice will build strength and stamina as well as skills. It seems, however, the concept of practice often has a pejorative connotation. For many practice equates with boredom and repetition. Procrastination or other excuses largely boil down to the same thing which is to consider practice as a separate aspect of an activity or sport. (more…)

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Tidal estuary of the Salmon River, W. Cook's Cove

Writing about outdoor activities is a contrived business. I usually have to have a plan (no matter how loose), adequate time, and get a significant distance from my house in order to generate material. Cycling is a great way to combine exercise with a clearing of the head but when I am required to write about what I’m doing I cannot disengage my mind and still hope to retain impressions of the ride. In other words, I don’t get to relax.

Today, I did my best to relax on a short ride but I couldn’t rid myself of the nagging voice in my head that continued to chide me for dereliction of duty. “How can you call yourself a blogger if you don’t write anything?” it said.


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Fox Island Main

When I write about a hike it is always with an attempt to make it coherent and interesting. For someone reading a post coherency is quite important, you won’t understand what I’m trying to say if it’s confusing or unstructured. I have found, however, the truth of hiking (and just being me in general) is that chaos is a far more common reality. When I leave the house I usually only have a vague idea of where I’m going to go, when I park the bike I may go fifty meters and not make a photograph, or I might sit and look at an attractive though non-photogenic scene (hard to describe and boring for all but me while I’m actually there) or I might walk for several kilometers because some distant feature has caught my eye and I’ve become curious. Occasionally I get part way to a spot only to have it begin raining which yields a big flop. Sometimes I am blown away by what I find. Sometimes I’m pleased with an accomplishment such as a long bicycle ride. Mostly I make sense of it after the fact and I leave out the boring, negative, unappealing details. If a hike turns out not to be interesting I don’t mention it at all. (more…)

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