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Frozen grass

Anyone want a pair of snowshoes? They’re going cheap. Actually I’m just kidding, but they have not been any use to me so far this year. With half of winter now in the history books I’m beginning to wonder if any snow accumulation will occur? A very small amount of snow fell Friday night with the temperature steadily increasing. It didn’t amount to more than a few centimeters but produced patches of ice covered grass on my lawn. I thought it might be interesting to try a few shots even though a stiff northwest wind promised to keep things cool.

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Beach at Fancy Point, Marie Joseph

115 kilometers of chilly morning motorcycle riding took me to a beach near Marie Joseph. This is the same distance that would have taken me to Mabou, New Glasgow or L’Ardoise. For months I wanted to get back there because I thought the beach had some real hiking potential, but the beach is just a beach. I don’t mean that to be negative. It’s a great location with a nice view of the ocean but, unlike Wine Harbour or Tor Bay or Port Bickerton, that’s about it. Many other locations in the county offer enough interest for a full afternoon of walking around while here was rather limited. Your choices are to walk on the beach, or walk on the beach. I walked along a portion to the right but it didn’t lead anywhere. To the left the beach sweeps in a grand arc but I couldn’t see the point of further ‘exploration’. (more…)

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