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Serious readers appreciate word of mouth. I like when someone tells me they’ve just read an enthralling book. More than any ad or review I am likely to consider another person’s opinion valid. When it comes to the internet it isn’t quite the same but now and again I come across a list of links someone has compiled. It’s often worth checking out what has caught someone else’s eye since they have probably sifted through and eliminated lots of mediocre stuff as their recommendations were narrowed down. For what it’s worth here are a few things that caught my eye recently:

http://www.paddlinglight.com/  I recently found this site and like it because he combines coverage of gear as well as paddling.

http://lovelybike.blogspot.com/2012/03/preparing-for-long-distance-rides.html  My favorite cycling blog – in this entry she talks about her approach to riding longer distances.

http://www.mec.ca/AST/ShopMEC/HikingCamping/Lighting/Headlamps/PRD~5026-869/petzl-tikka-plus-2-headlamp.jsp  This a link to MEC highlighting a product I’ve had and used for about five months. I’ve been wanting to mention it. It is an excellent value. For anyone who wants to try walking at night a headlamp is far superior to using a flashlight.

http://www.chapters.indigo.ca/books/Beyond-Belfast-Will-Ferguson/9780670069156-item.html  Carol received this book as a gift at Xmas. Early in the New Year I happened to begin reading the jacket blurbs and became interested enough to open it. From there I was hooked. One of the blurbs says the book is wildly funny but I wouldn’t go that far, he sprinkles lots of humorous anecdotes but he doesn’t go overboard, it’s not wild or obnoxious. In addition to being about the geography his book is also a tour through the minefields of Irish violence which I found quite insightful. What really impressed me about the book was his overall style. This is a very well crafted book. The descriptions of landscape features are first rate and a pleasure to visualize.

http://seakayakphoto.blogspot.com/  I always enjoy following the trips these guys make along various Scottish coastlines. They’ve been experimenting with small sails which is something I would like to try at some point. If you scroll down a bit you will see he has a good review of Adobe Lightroom 4.

http://www.lenscratch.com/  I recently came across this photography site. There is an extensive list of photographer links on the blogroll which provide links to a wide variety of contemporary work.

http://simon-willis.blogspot.com/  A superb kayaking and cycling site. The writer is a semi-retired guy demonstrating that vigor is not just for jocks in their twenties. He has a mix of equipment reviews as well as accounts of his outings.

http://landscapist.squarespace.com/  My favorite photography site. In my opinion it is always worth checking. Scroll down to yesterday’s entry for a photo of Marv’s distant cousin who is the Big Boss of Asgaard Farm.


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