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On Sunday afternoon eldest daughter Hilary dropped in for a visit…

Sunset at Tom's Lake, W. Cook's Cove

“Where can I go for a sunset?” she asked.

Green Barren is nice,” I said, “There’s a little orange marker where you turn left off the main trail.” She missed this turn on a previous visit.

“I don’t have boots.”

After trying to persuade her to use a pair of Carol’s without success I was then enlisted to go somewhere with her. After thinking for a minute I said we could try a spot nearby. I gathered my stuff though I wasn’t especially motivated to go to a place I’ve already photographed to sufficiently satisfy me in this lifetime. (more…)

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Wine Harbour

There is nothing more important or valuable than spending time with people you care about. If you decide to hike or paddle together then that makes it even better. How you hike or paddle shouldn’t make an ounce of difference so long as you’re focused on enjoying your time together.

So what if you decide to spend the day photographing with someone else? And what if you’re both serious about the images you hope to produce? Do you lose sight of the time together?

Fish on Drumhead wharf


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