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Stream with Autumn color

I parked my motorcycle within sight of the firetower in Giant’s Lake. The road is blocked by boulders with an opening wide enough to permit ATVs. It is easy to follow. Aside from puddles and a few wash outs the surface is very good. In many places a carpet of leaves covered and concealed the ground. The noise of crunching leaves warned away all the wildlife.

Autumn color, Giant's Lake

About twenty minutes after leaving the bike I had just folded up my tripod when I noticed a man advancing toward me. (more…)


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Autumn color, Giant's Lake

I’m not a devoted fan of mixed martial arts nor do I want to open up a discussion on the moral degradation of a society that condones extreme violence, but I want to make a small point nevertheless. I recently watched a championship bout between Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard. Edgar was defending his belt. He was considerably smaller than his opponent but faster so it was considered an even match. In the first round the big guy crushed little Edgar with an uppercut which knocked him to the canvas, but Maynard was not able to finish the fight. Once Edgar was back up and recovered Maynard continued to try to hit him with more uppercuts. The success of that punch had him thinking only about that punch, about landing one just like it again so he could get a quick knock out.

Meanwhile, Frankie Edgar used his intelligence and speed to avoid getting tagged again. He repeatedly counter punched the big misses by Maynard and a few rounds later the accumulated effectiveness of his punches allowed him to knock out the larger, worn down opponent.

So, you must be thinking, what does this have to do with anything? I’m getting to that.


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