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Looking west toward Half Island Cove

Fogarty’s Cove appears to be about a mile, as the crow flies, from Half Island Cove. Well, I’m not a crow and I am here to tell you that getting there on foot from this direction ain’t no joy ride. In fact, getting there by foot is not even something I can yet confirm possible. All I can say is that I got closer this time than I did last time. Last time I thought I walked far enough to have come abreast of the place, that all I would need to do is angle downhill through a hundred meters of knotty spruce and I would be there. I wish. When I returned I found the scenic dead spruce with orange flagging without any trouble then continued on until I intersected a survey line. At this point I was thinking I had gone so far that I would have to double back once I followed the survey markers to the shore.


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