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Beach at Fancy Point, Marie Joseph

115 kilometers of chilly morning motorcycle riding took me to a beach near Marie Joseph. This is the same distance that would have taken me to Mabou, New Glasgow or L’Ardoise. For months I wanted to get back there because I thought the beach had some real hiking potential, but the beach is just a beach. I don’t mean that to be negative. It’s a great location with a nice view of the ocean but, unlike Wine Harbour or Tor Bay or Port Bickerton, that’s about it. Many other locations in the county offer enough interest for a full afternoon of walking around while here was rather limited. Your choices are to walk on the beach, or walk on the beach. I walked along a portion to the right but it didn’t lead anywhere. To the left the beach sweeps in a grand arc but I couldn’t see the point of further ‘exploration’. (more…)

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