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Half Island Cove (very lightly applied bleach bypass)

So, yet again, I abandoned my database chores without getting far: I made it to October. I came across some shots from Half Island Cove as I finished September and thought I could play with them for a little while then get back to the drudgery of entering keywords. I picked a few. Some had noticeable glow from HDR processing, others seemed too saturated or too dark or too something. When attempting to improve shots I go right back to the originally captured images, run them through the HDR software to generate 32-bit files which then get tonemapped, re-imported, stitched then adjusted before finally being exported and uploaded here.  (more…)

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Earlier in the week I hiked in the Port Bickerton area. One of the highlights here is the lighthouse (I’m going to use house instead of houses) which I photographed first from far away.

Photo 1 - Port Bickerton

I composed this image to place the lighthouse in the exact center. It’s the white dot 5-6 kilometers away. (more…)

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When out with my camera I remain conscious of where I’ve been and try not to shoot the same subject matter. There is the temptation to return to familiar places. The old house pictured in this post has above average appeal for me, and I’ve stopped a number of times in recent years. Now that I have some pleasing shots I tend to think I should not stop anymore, but as you can see, the impulse was too strong. I had no choice but to try again.

The images here are experiments. I’m trying variations: same subject, different pose.

Old house, Peas Brook

In the photo above the highway is a significant aspect of the composition, as are the over-saturated yellow lines. The house itself is partially obscured by tree limbs – a shot that is not possible when there are leaves. (more…)

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Old fishing boat, Marie Joseph

In October, last year, I photographed this vessel for the first time. My compositions do not differ significantly though I feel the final results are technically superior. The new images are sharper and I wasn’t quite so heavy handed with the processing. Now that I am warm and dry and content I can say, without too much hesitation, that the effort and time invested in the day was made worthwhile because I have these images to show for it. I’m assuming most people will like these boat shots more than the ice breaker or crane. (more…)

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