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Whitman House Museum, Canso

I am going to be candid: I do not like photographing in towns. I like being by myself checking out isolated locations. I can feel attuned to the surroundings if there are no distractions (ie cars, people, curious dogs). I can ‘see’ most clearly. But stick me in a town with my camera and I become disoriented. It’s really odd. The visual information is overwhelming and foreign.

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Durrell's Island

Durrell’s Island can only be hiked by walking around the shore. A combination of private property, bog and impenetrable brush dictate your choices to one unless you have a boat.¬†When I hiked nearby in search of the Old Fields I noticed a protuberant hump on the island I’d never noticed before and decided it would be necessary to investigate. (more…)

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Near Tittle/Tickle/Old Shore Road - Chedabucto Bay

I was recently provided with directions and encouragement to visit a place referred to as the ‘old fields’. Google Maps refers to this area as Tittle Road while DOT has a sign designating it Old Shore Road. Locally I think the area is called The Tickle. If you come through Hazel Hill you will pass the elementary school and see the sign about two hundred meters beyond on the left. If you come through Canso you will see the sign on the right. There is an ‘implied’ cul-de-sac with driveways and homes where a car would be forced to halt progress – the road turns into an ATV trail at this point. Parking is possible, though if leaving a car I would suggest tapping on a door to ask one of the homeowners where it would be best to leave it. If you are shy park near the main/paved road (edge of road going to wharf) and walk in to the trail. (more…)

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