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ATV Ride: More TCT

Small frozen lake

Early this afternoon I decided I would go for a ride on the four wheeler. I wanted to check the condition of the TCT which I did not ride on when I was out two weeks or so ago. I zipped west along the Loon Lake Rd. for six kilometers then north on a connector for several more. Once I picked up the TCT I proceeded west again toward Ogden. At first I thought the surface was in good shape, nothing at all to worry about but as I proceeded I came to a few places (between MacAllister’s bridge and Ogden bridge) that were tricky, maybe a bit more than a person by themselves should be tackling. I thought to myself that conditions like this must be something of a liability concern for the Trails Association. (more…)

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I recently checked a section of the TCT where heavy equipment was used to remove trees along the trail corridor. The measure is intended to reduce the number of blow downs.  (more…)

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