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Tanker on Chedabucto Bay, Half Island Cove

One of the most difficult things I phaced, oops, faced last Saturday when I spent the afternoon out driving around was being content with where I was. The theory of being present and the practice of it can have some serious divergences.

Old House, Peas Brook

As you can see in most of the shots it was a cloudy day and what often happens on days like this in winter is the clouds eventually grow heavier and heavier until they blot the sky out completely. Early on in the afternoon I wasn’t especially pleased with the scenes I was finding. Internal pressure mounted quickly as the little voice in my head insistently criticized me. It reminded me over and over that the quality of the sky and light would soon disappear. Versions of the grass being greener (whiter) elsewhere played like a jukebox.

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When I write about a hike it is always with an attempt to make it coherent and interesting. For someone reading a post coherency is quite important, you won’t understand what I’m trying to say if it’s confusing or unstructured. I have found, however, the truth of hiking (and just being me in general) is that chaos is a far more common reality. When I leave the house I usually only have a vague idea of where I’m going to go, when I park the bike I may go fifty meters and not make a photograph, or I might sit and look at an attractive though non-photogenic scene (hard to describe and boring for all but me while I’m actually there) or I might walk for several kilometers because some distant feature has caught my eye and I’ve become curious. Occasionally I get part way to a spot only to have it begin raining which yields a big flop. Sometimes I am blown away by what I find. Sometimes I’m pleased with an accomplishment such as a long bicycle ride. Mostly I make sense of it after the fact and I leave out the boring, negative, unappealing details. If a hike turns out not to be interesting I don’t mention it at all. (more…)

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