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New Harbour

It always seems odd to transport my bike using the car, however it is necessary when I want to cycle in new locations when time does not permit a long ride. Yesterday afternoon I decided I would go to Larry’s River. I did not decide beforehand where I would go from there. I parked the car at the post office in Larry’s River. The large lot at the Community Center would also be suitable. As I detached the bike from the carrier two female joggers went by. (more…)


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Rotting building, Steep Creek

On a perfect fall afternoon I sometimes find it difficult to decide what to do? Each activity would be a pleasure given the favorable temperature, lack of wind and attractive colors on display in much of the countryside. On Saturday I opted for cycling, and I decided to try a stretch of road I had never cycled before. I thought it would be particularly nice having the Strait of Canso in view for much of the time but I wasn’t sure how much distance I could handle which is how I came to begin in St. Francis Harbour. The distance to Mulgrave and back would be a very manageable 40 kilometers but if I wanted to go further I could continue through St. Francis Harbour back toward Boylston if I was up to it. As it turned out the 40 kilometers was perfect.


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Country Harbour Mines

Marvelous weather elevated my ride to something really special. Conditions were perfect. What a treat to be out cycling in the middle of the day while most adults toiled away at boring jobs they hate. Ha! Am I gloating? Absolutely. I am unapologetically gloating to beat the band. Ha! Ha! Ha!

I paid my dues during a predominantly wet and cold spring and early summer. At the time I kept thinking ahead to autumn and how things would balance out, and so here we are. I intend to bask in whatever nice weather remains. No humidity, no flies (hopefully but not guaranteed since mosquitoes were evident recently in Whitehead and I’ve heard terrible in New Harbour) and soon the changing of the leaves. It does not get any better than this.


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What an absolutely glorious evening! I was fortunate enough to be on my bicycle. I hope you were doing something to enjoy the fine weather too. After mowing grass and storing firewood I was delighted to ‘relax’ for a few hours by riding my bike. I know not everyone would find 40 kilometers on a bicycle relaxing but by going at a casual pace it really does offer a pleasant experience. (more…)

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Sunset, Chedabucto Bay

I recently listened to The Bicycle Diaries by David Byrne. His music career took him to many major cities throughout the world and sometime in the late eighties he began to pack a folding bike so he could ride around when not performing. He wrote about his experiences for twelve years then condensed these notes into published form. By taking my bike around the county I, in an odd way, am doing something similar albeit on a much smaller scale: I am cycling through unfamiliar territory. I don’t have to contend with topographical extremes, language issues or the congestion of large urban settings. I just have to drive a few miles to get out of my comfort zone. (more…)

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When I left home I had a plan. That plan consisted of driving to Sherbrooke to then explore by bike. I wanted to ride around in town as well as go to Sonora and Stillwater. Liscomb seemed a little too far and might better be left for a trip of its own.

Saw Mill, Sherbrooke

When I arrived I parked in the Sherbrooke Village lot and proceeded to Sonora. (more…)

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Pedaling the New Boots

Wharf, Larry's River

Yesterday morning I wrestled with roof racks for far too long but I eventually prevailed with them successfully mounted on the top of the car. I despise these things. They are wildly overpriced and do nothing but aggravate me every time I use them. I would be much further ahead to own a small trailer modified to carry the kayak(s). Anyway, once I had the kayak ready to go the wind had increased to a point where I no longer thought it prudent to go paddling. So I switched my thinking to the bicycle and decided to ride to Tor Bay Beach, about a 50km round trip which I had never previously cycled. (more…)

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